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Digiblog is a place where you can have understanding about our plans, work, progress and dreams. The writer of this section of this website is Ravi Sharma, Managing Director, Digiinception Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Baraut.

digiblog June

Growing Social Impact of Digiinception Technologies

Well, this is the last day of June and I am bringing out the summary of this month for Digiblog. In the start of this month, there was a big change in the team. I have noted down few unchangeable points in the performing staff of this digital marketing company in Baraut. Thus, I decided to terminate both boys in the role of manager and executive.

Yes, you heard it right. Now, those two are not working for Digiinception.

Well, this means that the executing staff is no more available in the company. This was a panic condition, but it was necessary.

But, We Proved It Better on Facebook

Of course, the job associated with them was important and I have to suffer because of their absence. Thus, the content writing division faced a big down time. Meanwhile, we got a good jump on fan number over the facebook page of Apna Baraut.

Within a period of 8 days, there is raise of 400 likes over this page.

And, this is a good sign. Not just this, new likes are coming from Baraut itself and response rate of fans is really good. You can see that last few posts have crossed the mark of 150 likes, 200 likes and even 300 likes.

Right now, over 2000 people are engaged within our communication.

We Got Business Too

Yes, June was not that bad. We got a website too and it might be completed by the first week of July. It is about a social welfare trust. Of course, I will share more about this website in the next Digiblog.

Certainly, there will be more websites in coming months from the town itself.

Baraut Digital Meet

baraut digital seminar

With the booming response on our FB page for apnabaraut website, we are up to organize a discussion meet named as Baraut Digital. On 10th July, there will be a meet for all those who want to do something good for Baraut using Internet.


Digiblog May

Well….. It is time to share about happenings in Digiinception in the month of May. We are in last week of May; hence I do want to post about the experiences as a business leader and briefs about new projects in our kitty.

Digiinception Is Emerging As Best Website Designing Company in Baraut Baghpat

In the first week of this month, we got an interesting project. It was regarding the official website of an institute for competitive examination. This institute has two directors, Shashank and Akash. Well, these two gentlemen have given the opportunity on the basis of a reference from a known friend. Certainly, I am worried about marketing effort of my team. No doubt, we are acquiring new projects… but, these are not coming from our marketing efforts. Nevertheless, it was an interesting project as;

  • It was bringing challenge to visualize the dream of two young minds and one of them is an IT graduate
  • It was coming with a ray of hope that new business leaders in Baraut will mind the existence of official website for the business
  • It was giving experience that calms the soul of reformer inside me as these young ones are working for the official website before the actual launch

Certainly, the cumulative impact of all these factors made me to sign this project with some tiny adjustment in our basic Business Contract Performa.

Finally, the website of this institute is here:


Two Newly Launched Programs in May

On 1st May, we initiated our two projects. One was regarding internship program and another was regarding the classified feature of our website of Baraut.


Well, I am really sad to share that internship program was not that much loved by the crowd. We got less than 10 inquiries and we need to cancel it for few more months. On the other hand, our classified feature program was a bit appraised by the people.


Till date, we have received many online entries for free level entry in the classified feature of apnabaraut. Not just this, few renowned businesses like, Angara Tandoor, Tokreela and Bull force gym has also appointed us for their business promotion page on this same website.

And, this has come from the effort of my team members. I really appreciate them for coming out of their comfort zone. Their hustle has received its prize. Well, I am not worried about the numbers in business promotion page categories. But, I am really seeing that business leaders are concerning the import of digital marketing here in this town. And, this is a good sign.

Well… the story has just started. We do have received some social support for our initiatives. In the first week of May, renowned national level shooter from Delhi Police; Jitender Tomar has appreciated us. After a superb meeting, this gentleman has send this pic within our I luv Baraut Campaign t-shirt. No doubt, it was a special moment for me.

Digiinception ‘Fun in Work’ Culture (Contests – Incentives – Outings)

As a business leader, it is my responsibility that none of my team mates ever realized the lack of fun in the disciplined office work culture. Considering this, I have tried to blend few types of incentives so that guys in the team can take the fun of money too.

  • Employee Reference Incentive
  • Business Page Development Incentive
  • Website Reference Incentive

Well, these incentives can give them chance to boost their take home salary by 50%.

Other than this, there is an inclusion of a contest, Social Media Champion. This will give them chance to brush up their FB skills. Most of the young ones are pretty aware of Facebook posting. But, this contest will give them chance to understand everything from the prospective of a digital marketing expert. Not just this, it comes with prize money too. Hence, one can earn along with some new learning.

Of course, fun can’t get its limit in some hundreds or thousands. We need to be on some outings to build a good team. As it is a small team, therefore few pizza parties, dinner parties and lunch parties in some restaurants are workable. Yupp, some expense for the boss! And, I am not minding it at all.


We are in the last week of April and there is lot more to share about Digiinception. The best thing happen to the company was appointment of two employees. We have hired for

  • Manager, Business Relations
  • Project Executive

In this edition of Digiblog, I will share about these two positions and the joiners.

New Joiners in Digiinception World of Technology

We have two new joiners in this digital marketing company of Baraut. Both are new to this part of the IT world. They do have understanding about Technologies, but new to the concept of Digital marketing. And, this is the main goal of our organization. We want to give a good start of digital journey to our employees, city and also customers.

That is why, the name of our organization is Digiincetpion.

Before sharing about these two joiners, I would like to brief about their profiles.

One has joined as Manager, Business Relations.

While thinking about this company, we as a director has decided that our business will be more than a business. We will value our client’s benefit over our benefits. That is why, a profile in this company was created as Manager, Business Relations.

Person having this profile will ensure that our business relations with our new clients as well as old clients are smooth. This profile will not just take care of Marketing. Person on this designation will take care of benefits of clients and develop a bond, a strong bond in between both parties.

Sumit Verma has joined our company in the first week of this month as Manager, Business Relations. Of course, you can see his profile pic on our facebook page. Sumit has a good experience in the Hotel industry. Along with an impressive personality, this young man has good learning ability. We hope that a smiley face, professional personality, fast learning ability and a good experience of Hotel industry can work well for this profile.

Just after a week time, there was another joining of Sachin Sharma. This young man has joined us on Project Executive level. No company can run without good executives. This profile plays a vital role in the operations of a company. Sachin Sharma is having commendable execution ability along with innovative thought process. Certainly, a successful operation required out of box ideas and this young man is having that much needed capability.

Our Apna Baraut Project Initiative Was in News

Well, this was the next big thing happened with us. You might have knowledge about our initiative for the town, Baraut. If not, then go for doing a Google search for Baraut. You will notice that the second website, www.apnabaraut.in is from Digiinception.

In this month, one hindi daily newspaper Dainik Janvani had published one article about this project.

News about apnabaraut

Being one of the director of the company, this is certainly a good time for me. It feels really great. Our company is growing in terms of employees and also in terms of publicity. Not just this, time to share about some coming soon projects…

We Got Few New Projects Too

With the support of this superb team, I can see Digiinception winning all the games. Well, this month was really great for us. We got three new projects and also, stepped ahead in our own projects. We have started two new content writing service projects for two clients. One is a famous Digital Marketing Company and Second is a digital marketing institute. Other than this, we have also initiated a website for an educational institute in Baraut.

Digiblog March

In the month of March, we are having lot more to talk about. Yes, this month has started with:

  • New Projects
  • New Marketing Plans
  • New Video Sections

Being director of this company, I am feeling excited while sharing about the completion of registration process. Now, Digiinception Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a full fledged company. We have all the legal documents completed by our CA, got our current account and multiple sorts of marketing products.

Let’s start talking about above shared section of this digiblog post

New Projects of Digiinception Technologies

Well, this company is growing in two directions. On one hand, we are looking for client – project and on another hand, we are also configuring our own products.

In the start of this month, we gained a project related to Hotel industry. A business meet with directors of Hotel Sagar Palace, Baraut yielded into a project. We have created a website for them.

Have a look of that website….


Well, we have also started our own product; website for Dilshad Colony in this month. This website will have various features. In the month of March, we have started its classified feature. In this, we are up to registering maximum businesses in Dilshad Colony.

dilshadcolony flyerUsing this website, our visitors can gain information related to businesses in Dilshad Colony and nearby areas. As this project is our own project, therefore, we are putting a great time over its marketing too. This marketing is going to be done in both ways; Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

As an outcome of digital marketing effort, this website is in top 10 ranks for 12+ search queries and in top 20 ranks for 26+ search queries.

We do have marketing goods for this website like, flyers and posters. Right now, there are 50+ businesses registered within this website and we are working to get more and more….

New Marketing Plans of Digiinception

Well, we are in the field of digital marketing, hence the core marketing will be around internet. Yet, we are also trying hands in physical marketing of our products and services.

We are utilizing T-shirt, banners, pamphlets, flyers and newspaper ads too. In last directors meet, we have finalized a plan for April month.

To make this digital marketing popular in masses, we are using Facebook in a great way. With the help of posted videos, contests and informative contents, we are making Digiinception popular among the crowd in Baraut and Delhi – NCR.

We are also utilizing this quote as moral of our one marketing initiative;

If you want to be a brand, then you need to make other’s brand

Yes, there can be a big fan list of other businesses. We are talking about them within our fans. This is mixing the fan size and giving us opportunity to be popular in their circles.

New Video Sections

Well, we are valuing videos for our marketing purposes. Hence, we have decided to develop a team for creating videos. Pretty soon, you will notice that our products are sharing a great number of videos.

We have started sharing videos related to our own products in following categories;

 – Educational Videos

 – Business Promotion Videos

 – Talk Show

Well… soon, you will have a new look of our initiative site’s show… Apna Baraut Show



In this first narration of Digiblog, I am going to share about following factors;

Why Am I Opening a Digital Marketing Company In Baraut?

What Is Possible With Digital Marketing?

What Are My Dreams?

I am hoping that you will love this idea. It will be a gateway for meeting the real company as we will be sharing every detail about what is happening inside this company at this place….

Digital Marketing Company In Baraut

Well, this might sound interesting to many who belong to this small town, Baraut. And, it might be surprising for many others. Baraut is a place near to Delhi, it is just 56 km away from Delhi, the capital of India. This place is in the direction where development rate is so slow. Everyone knows that the capital of India is actually surrounded by NCR. This region is growing rapidly. Year by year, cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad are growing. Even businesses in Sahibabad, Rohtak and Sonipat are growing and that is all happening because of their nearness to Delhi.

Baraut in Distt Baghpat is also growing, but only in terms of educational facilities. After the era of CBSE affiliated schools, this place is now having growing numbers of international schools. Yet, the majority of parents are founding quality education in old UP board certified schools i.e. Digambar Jain Inter College.

My reasons behind opening a digital marketing company in Baraut

Well, I am having a great experience of running many successful websites. I have also sufficed the content need for many business websites and training websites. After gaining expertise in the digital marketing field, I thought about opening my company.


As I belong to Baraut, therefore it was the first place in my mind for the company. Of course, a permanent address for registered office of the company was possible only in this town. I was also willing to share my knowledge with the youngsters of this place too. I can understand that business opportunities for a company like Digiinception are not that much available in Baraut. But, I am positive about my efforts and do believe that this company will change the mindset of business owners from this town. People will come to us…. If not today then in coming few months….

Why should business owners approach a digital marketing company?

Well, it is simple to understand that no one can open a business for 24 hours to gain leads (inquiries) regarding services or products of that business. Perhaps, we all can understand this technical word; leads.

Whatever is your business, you will love to have more leads. Of course, leads are nothing but queries regarding services or products by probable customers. If you can arrange a system where your customer can contact you even in the midnight and your customer can place questions then you will certainly have more leads. And, you might be able to get more business by converting these leads in to deals.

I know, it is really not possible for everyone. No one can easily arrange this. Perhaps, few business owners can arrange this, but it will really cost high.

You can do this in a pretty low cost by having a website. By having an appointed digital marketing company, you can simply see a good website and its remarkable promotion so that your business can grow even when you are sleeping.

Reach To The World

What Are My Dreams?

Well, this can be counted as some sort of proud move as it is too early to predict about future of this company.

On the basis of my experience, I can pass this trust that this organization is going to bring a big change in this region. Yes, it will be doing this.

We are working too close to the capital of India, yet, business leaders in this city and nearby areas are not aware about the power of digital marketing.

My dream is about boosting their interest in utilizing digital marketing.

After having a good study regarding the coming generation in this place, I can confidently dream about having a bunch of professionals working really hard for building the name of this place. And, I can predict that Digiinception Technologies Pvt. Ltd will be the leading organisation in this business which will build the name of Baraut in the world map. You just need to wait and watch for few coming years. Trust me, we are going to do this…